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Stove Master opened for business to bring back the customer service to the Stove world. As fitters who employ NO SALESMEN we endeavour to give you all the information you require first so that you can choose a stove we know will work PROPERLY in your HOME. This is why we can give GUARANTEES that no other company can offer.

registered fitter on each installation

DEFRA approved stoves available

If you are considering Buying a Stove just scroll down this page and we will make it very simple for you. The worst thing to do at this stage is to pick a stove because it could be totally unsuitable for your property. Follow the simple steps below and we will make it totally stress free.

The first thing we need to know is where you are planning to have your Stove. This is very important we need to measure your room size so that we can calculate the size of stove heat output you will need. Then we need to measure the area where you want to put the stove to see what size Stove it can physically take. We then will look at the Chimney. If you have not got one we will check to see if one can be fitted. Based on the information we have gathered we will leave some literature on any Stove we know will work well in your home.
This service is totally FREE. Remember we are Stove fitters we wont be dressed to impress and we wont try to sell you anything. We will just give you sound advice based on our experience.

When you are happy with your choice of Stove we will be Happy to come back to your home and discuss fire place options, If you are planning to have one made by us or get someone else to make one that's totally fine. At this point we should be able to give you a price for the Stove and Fitting. If you buy the Stove from Ourselves you can rest assured it will work as it should or we will change it for you free of charge. We can fit any stove though and are Happy to PRICE MATCH any other company. This way you will never have to handle a very heavy Stove but remember just because a Stove has a Good name and a hefty price tag to go with it does not mean it will perform to your expectations.

Once we have agreed a price and you are totally Happy we will order the parts needed. The fitting parts of the installation are totally bespoke to your job and cannot  be returned therefore an upfront payment is required for fitting only. The stove can be paid for up to 14 days after installation if you wish.

Some chimneys will need a liner. Although on 90% of installations we can fit a liner from roof ladders we recomend the use of a cherry picker if access is good. This is safer for us and your roof, it also gives us the opertunity to inspect the chimney properly for loose bricks and chimney pots. This is often the best time to have any chimney repairs done so please let us know if you think your chimney has any structural issues. We can offer good rates on Cherry Pickers upto 22 Metres High.

When the fittings arrive we will contact you to arrange a fitting date. Depending on the job this could vary from 1 day to 3 days work. The whole process from initial visit usually takes around 10 days.

We are often asked about Dust during installation. We will run a very powerful extractor during the installation this will almost certainly remove any airborne dust from the room. All furniture in the room will be covered with sheets as will the carpet. We give advice on our written quotes on precautionary measures agaist sut falls. We would advise that you reed and follow the precautions.

Finally Take Time to browse through the rest of our website wher you will find some of the best priced stoves in the UK. and find out about NAPIT and DEFRA

Call us now their is no obligation to buy or have us install, our advice is invaluable and TOTALLY FREE

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